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We solve business problems with software

Responsive Design

Maximize leads coming from your website with a user friendly design that looks great across devices. A great website not only looks appealing but helps prime the visitor for the sale, making your job that much easier.

Custom Software

Free up human resources to help grow your business, by automating repetitive tasks. If you've got a process that takes up valuable employee time, but doesn't need that human touch, why not delegate it to a machine?

Machine Learning and AI

Do you need a custom chatbot for your Facebook account? Do you have a large volume of data that needs analysis? We can create custom machine learning solutions to bring deeper insights to your business.


Some of the projects we've worked on.

Critical Technology Services LLC

Web Design

OurTown Arizona

Web Design and Custom Software

ACME Home Inspection

Web Design


The story of Tabor Labs

  • 2007-2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    From 2007 to 2012 I pursued a PhD in condensed matter physics. It was here that the ability to solve novel and difficult problems was cultivated. In particular, the design and implemetnation of software and hardware systems to solve novel problems in the laboratory. From 2012 to 2015 I was employed as a process engineer at Intel corporation, putting my abilities to work solving some of the toughest problems at the forefront of semiconductor manufacturing. This included automating data analysis and creating tools to visualize complex data for better analysis by our team.

  • June 2015

    An Agency is Born

    In 2015, my adventures with Intel came to an end. It was then that I turned my focus to helping small businesses achieve their goals. First as a content marketer, then as a PPC specialist under the brand name Dr. PayPerClick . Olga Petan was added to the crew in 2016 and proved an enormous asset in the analysis of client data to enable deeper insights and top line revenue growth for our clients.

  • October 2017

    Transition to Websites, Software, and Artificial Intelligence.

    Now we have come full circle to using better code to build great businesses. We serve small businesses looking to grow through a stronger web presence or process automation, as well as medium and large businesses looking to leverage their data for better insights into their markets.

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The people that make up Tabor Labs

Phil Tabor

Lead Designer

Olga Petan

Lead Analyst

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